What do you notice
about how the items fall?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 22, 21a


  1. Let’s go outside and gather some rocks to create our own maze for cars!

  2. Find a place outside on the floor where the maze can be created.

  3. Gather cars or any other toys that you’d like to include in the game.

  4. Let the fun begin!


  • Let’s go outside! I have an idea!!!

  • Let’s create a maze for your cars.

  • The first thing we need is to gather some rocks. How many rocks can you gather in a minute?

  • What a wow! That was fast! Let’s count how many you have there.

  • Remember as we count them, let's touch them and move them from this space to this other place.

  • Great, how many were they?

  • OK! So let’s now define the starting point and the ending int on the maze.

  • How would you connect these two points? Really on a straight line? Ok let’s do it.

  • As we see a route now, how about we create some curves now. Excellent, how about some hidden incorrect paths? Some dead ends!

  • I love it! Let’s decorate the outside of the maze now.