How can you make
a magnetic sculpture?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 22, 13, 14b


  1. Let’s gather pipe cleaners, screws, washers, cars or magnetic cars, magnetic tiles, any other magnets you have around the house.

  2. You can use metal nuts, ceramic, large metal lids, spray paint, and or paper clips.

  3. Let your imagination fly high!


  • Let’s go around the house and find anything metal we can use for this activity.

  • We will be discovering the invisible magnetic force pushing or pulling items.

  • We have these magnets, let’s walk around and see what items stick to these. Ahh great notice plastic does not stick!

  • Now that we have some items, would you like to paint some?

  • We have nuts, bolds, screws (talk about each to work on new vocabulary)

  • Let’s separate them in groups to see how many groups of items we have.

  • Wonderful classification skills. Why did you put these together?

  • How many do you have in each group? After counting, ask, So how many are there?

  • What would you like to create?

  • Nice sculpture! What does it represent?