My Book of Emotions

Obj. 9a, 12b, 20b


  1. Gather your materials: Paper, a mirror and the art supplies of your choice.

  2. Look at yourself closely in the mirror. Think about how you’re feeling. Observe your facial features carefully.

  3. Make a self portrait including as many details as possible.

  4. Have fun creating!


  1. Look in the mirror again and think about a time you have felt another emotion and make that facial expression.

  2. Make as many emotions as possible and make them into a book!


  • How are you feeling today?

  • I felt like that when…

  • What facial features do you notice?

  • What materials are you thinking about using?

  • What other emotion do you want to make of yourself?

  • I remember a time I saw that you felt ____ when…

  • Tell me about this.

  • You are really thinking!