How do you feel today?

Obj. 9a, 12b, 20b


  1. Gather your materials: a mirror, buttons, rocks, beads, whatever you have around the house that you can make facial expressions.

  2. Think about how you feel today. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice your facial features and facial expression.

  3. Use the materials of your choice to show how you are feeling.


  1. Read a book about emotions. Discuss what you notice, what you’re thinking, what you’re wondering. Make another face using your materials showing a different emotion.


  • What do you notice when you look at yourself in the mirror?

  • Can you show me how you’re feeling?

  • How do you act when you feel like that?

  • How do you want to make that feeling?

  • Can you help me count the pieces you used to make the mouth? Let’s touch them one by one.

  • Let’s read this book. What is ____ feeling like when ____? Have you ever felt that way? Tell me about it.