Vocab Corner

Obj. 9a, 9d, 37

Vocab Corner Unit 8.mp4


  1. Find the vocabulary cards in the box and place them in a horizontal way in front of the student.

  2. Play the video by clicking the play button on the video, pausing the video at any new word and asking your child to point at the vocabulary card.

  3. As you notice the vocabulary words come up on the video, associate the corresponding card and converse about what you understand.

  4. Watch the video as many times as the student wants.


Prompting questions:

  1. What do you notice in each card? What do they have in common?

  2. What type of trees are there in your house? Have you ever climbed them? Which one is your favorite?

  3. Look at the HIKE card: Have you ever gone hiking? Tell me about it!

  4. As Tigers, we value taking care of our planet earth, can you think of possible ways to do that? Let me tell you about some of my ideas!

  5. What are some other activities you CAN do Outdoors?

In Flipgrid you’re invited to record your response to the video or tell us any curiosities or comments you have about the vocab cards!