Weaving Through a Rainbow

Obj 1b,1c, 3a, 20a, 21b, 22a


  1. Please gather from the box crepe paper strings and a pair of scissors and tape.

  2. To make our rainbow, we cleared all the tables and furniture out of the center of our room.

  3. Weave the colors of the rainbow out of streamers in and out of the chairs being careful to not tear the streamers.

  4. Crawl underneath the rainbow from one end to the other.

  5. Think about what you are doing as going through the rainbow. Have to be careful not to step on the rainbow or it would tear. This is a wonderful exercise in strategic thinking, spacial awareness, body control, and balance


  • Would you like to help me build a rainbow today?

  • Hmmm what color should we start with? First, we need to make room.. Can you help me come up with a solution?

  • Let’s build it together? What should we do?

  • Can you try to go under the rainbow without tearing any pieces down?

  • Now run through the rainbow until it is all down.

  • Finally it’s time to clean up!