Animal Outdoor Habitat

Obj. 21a, 21b,20b


  1. Please gather all your favorite animals from your room.

  2. Get your number cards ready for interaction.

  3. Find your shape cards as well.

  4. Go outside and find a perfect spot to build a habitat for them.

  5. Collect things from nature that might help you make their habitat better.

  6. Arrange your animals and try to create a story.

  7. Play and don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors!


  • Let’s get some of your favorite animals.

  • Can you sort them or classify them in groups? How many do you have in this group? Can you show me number 4?

  • Let’s go outside and define an area for them to live. What do you think they need in their habitat? Really.. Why? Tell me more…

  • That’s so interesting.. Can you re-create some shapes in their habitat? You’re right that looks like a triangle.. What about thin=s one? (Show different shapes).

  • How many animals do we have altogether?