Enrichment Balloon Movement Challenge

Obj. 20b, 20c


Challenge 1: Balloon Race Car

  1. Gather your materials: medium sized toy car, tape, straw, balloon

  2. Insert straw into balloon and tape tip of straw onto the mouth of the balloon

  3. Tape the middle of the straw on top of a toy car

  4. Pick up the truck/car/balloon to blow up the balloon through the straw

  5. Cover the straw end with a finger so the air doesn’t come out

  6. Place on the ground, let your finger go and observe what happens!

Challenge 2: Balloon Rocket

  1. Gather your materials: yarn, tape, balloon, straw, scissors (

  2. Put the straw onto the yarn

  3. Tie yarn between two pieces of furniture (chairs, etc.) so that it is tight.

  4. Blow up the balloon, DO NOT tie it

  5. Tape on the blown up balloon to the straw, let it go from one extreme of the string and observe what happens!


  • Wow, I notice you are being very independent trying to blow up the balloon!

  • Can you put the string through the straw?

  • Can you help cut the tape?

  • What do you think will happen when we let the balloon go?

  • How do you think we can make the balloon (or car) go faster (or farther)?

  • What else can we make move with a balloon? Let’s get creative!