Parent-Student Handbook

Birthday Slip

This week in Pathways

"Dear Pathways Families,

We are so proud of our students' work this week during our Story Workshop Unit. Kids have been creating incredible stories and characters that help develop language.

We kindly ask you to send your child dressed up as their favorite character on Friday April 26th.

This coming week we will have a Book Fair. Please send cash if you want your child to purchase books in Spanish. In case you haven't, remember to send the field trip form signed. We will be going to Huehuehe on Tuesday April 23rd. Dismissal time will be 1:15pm.

We will be hosting our Open House on May 7th and 8th for new families that want to know more about our program. On that day your child will have the opportunity to play with new tigers. Please recommend us.

Thank you for your support!

Pathways team "

Unit 5 InterACTions: Story Workshop

March 11th - April 5th


Important Dates

Apr. 19-26

Book Week

Apr. 22 - May. 8

MAP Testing

Apr. 25

Morning with Mom & Loved Ones

Apr. 26

Character Day

May. 1

Labor Day
(No School)


Tuesday April 23rd - Field Trip

Thursday April 25th at 7 am - Morning with Mom or Loved ones

Book Fair Next week:

Ms Jeyling needs for you to send a elegant attire for the kids. She is working on a project. Please avoid blue colors.

Special Announcement


Ms. Marce

Ms. Karla

Ms. Jeyling



Children at this young age thrive in a joyful, fun-filled environment where their days are filled with laughter, song, and love.


Children connect best with real and authentic learning experiences that are grounded in nature, family, and community.

Outdoor Mapping

Children at this young age are fascinated with nature and how the world works, so we want them to explore, discover, question, and research their world.