Parent-Student Handbook

Birthday Slip

This week in Pathways

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for joining us in the Pathways conferences. Together we engaged in powerful conversations as we celebrated student growth and set some exciting goals for the next school year!

Next week is our last week, and we are looking forward to an end-of-the-year celebration on Wednesday, May 29th, with Ronald McDonald. 

We deeply appreciate your endless support throughout this school year. Thank you for being such fantastic partners in your child's curious and messy journey!

With gratitude, 

Pathways Team

Unit 6 - Enrichment InterACTions

May 20th - May 29th


Important Dates

May 28

Kindergarten & 5th Grade Promotions

May 29

Last Day of School
(11:00 a.m. Dismissal)


Special Announcement


Ms. Marce

Ms. Karla

Ms. Jeyling



Children at this young age thrive in a joyful, fun-filled environment where their days are filled with laughter, song, and love.


Children connect best with real and authentic learning experiences that are grounded in nature, family, and community.

Outdoor Mapping

Children at this young age are fascinated with nature and how the world works, so we want them to explore, discover, question, and research their world.