What do you notice about
size and measurements?

Obj. 11b,22a


  1. Look around the room, today we will compare and measure object and people

  2. Collect objects you want to measure and place them in a bin

  3. Ask a friend or relative for permission to measure him/her

  4. Let's explore


  • What objects did you choose?

  • Who are you measuring today?

  • What do you notice about the size of the objects/people you chose?

  • How would you classify them?

  • What tools can we use to measure?

Let's reflect: Grab a journal and some writing utensils

  • Why is measuring important?

  • What did you notice when comparing the objects/people?

  • Which was the biggest/tallest one?

  • Which was the smallest/shortest one?

  • Did you find the heaviest/lightest one?

  • Let's draw our finding