Can you make a Mr. Potato Head?

Obj.7a, 8b, 12b, 14, 15b, 21b


  1. Go to the kitchen and find vegetables you can use for this activity.

  2. Start with a big potato and then get some vegetables that can be used as part of the body.

  3. Find some toothpicks to hold everything together.

  4. Have fun creating a Mr Potato Head


  • Are you ready for a kitchen adventure today?

  • Let’s make a Mr. Potato Head. What should we start with?

  • Good idea! First, let’s start with a potato. What words can you come up with that start with the same sound? “P”

  • Yes! Now, think about other veggies we can use to represent other parts of the body. Oh! the eyes? Great idea, we can use a cutted cucumber! What shape do you see here? Yes! A circle can be used to represent the eyes!

  • Can you help me think of words that start with the same sound? “C”

  • What would you like to do now? Alright! The nose! I noticed you are looking at the carrots to represent the nose. Can you think of a shape that matches this? Yeah! A triangle!

  • Continue adding more parts and matching the same beginning sound.

  • Do not forget to create a story with your new character.