What patterns can you discover in the tie dye?

Obj. 7a, 23


  1. Gather your materials: Baby wipes, rubber bands, washable markers, paper towels.

  2. Hold the baby wipe in the center and twist it up and then add rubber bands to divide the wipe into sections.

  3. Color each section with one color. Add as much color as you can!

  4. Carefully remove rubber bands and leave to dry/


  • Do you know what tie dye is?

  • Where is the center of the wipe?

  • Show me how you can twist it and then twist on some rubber bands.

  • What colors do you want to use to make your tie dye?

  • What do you see in the tie dye?

  • Do you want to make another one and try making a pattern?

  • What else do you want to dry with these materials?