What happens when shaving from
and colors play?

Obj. 11e,10a, 20a/20b


  1. Find cardstock paper, liquid food coloring, shaving foam, a large bin and a square piece of cardboard.

  2. You can wear you Pathways apron if you wish

  3. Let's start!


  • Put a layer of shaving foam on your bin.

  • What should we add next? Ok then, let's add food coloring. What color are you using today? How many drops will you add? Wow, great counting.

  • How do we make shaving foam and color play? Yes, let's mix them. What can you use to mix it? Great thinking

  • Now, how can we transfer the foam to your cardstock paper? Good idea, let’s (restate kids idea).

  • Let me tell you a secret, to remove the exceeding foam use the square piece of cardboard.

  • Amazing work. Should we let it dry?

  • When it dries: What do you notice? What would you like to do with it?