What observations can you make about layers of liquid?

Obj. 8b, 11d, 12b


  1. Gather your materials: tall clear glass, a large spoon, water, vegetable oil, corn syrup, food coloring.

  2. Get ready to observe: Slow Down.......Stay Focused.......Pay attention to details

  3. Fill the glass ½ way with water.

  4. Add ONE drop of food coloring.

  5. Slowly pour some corn syrup and observe what happens.

  6. Slowly pour some oil in with a spoon close to the top of the water and observe what happens.


  • What do you know about these liquids?

  • What do you think will happen?

  • How can you carefully fill the cup up halfway?

  • How can you carefully add one drop of food coloring/

  • Does the liquid sink or float?

  • What are you observing?

  • What are you wondering about?

  • What happens if you add the food coloring last?

  • What happens if you switch the order or liquids?

  • What happens if you do this in a closed container (water bottle), put the lid on and shake it up?