How fast can you arrange numbers?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 20c


  1. Let's find some rocks outside we can paint on.

  2. Let’s add the numbers from 1 to 10, and then from 11 to 20 on a different set. Let’s decorate them

  3. Find an area where you can lay them flat.

  4. Look for additional items you can count to match the numbers.


  • Let’s go outside and find some rock we can paint and add numbers.

  • Do you think that one would work? Is it a flat surface? I see… let’s find more

  • How many did you find? Let’s paint them and decorate them so we can add a number on the top.

  • I notice we have written from 1 to 10. Let’s make 10 more and draw from 11 to 20.

  • Let’s practice arranging them from 1 to 10. Awesome! This time you can do it on your own. Fantastic!!! This time let’s see how fast you can go.

  • So we counted from 1 to 10. Can we now go from 10 to 1. Let’s count backwards.

  • Let’s find different items, so we can match them to the numbers.