Can you show me
some numbers?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 22, 23


  1. Let’s gather an old egg carton and many bottoms.

  2. Let’s prepare a place where we can have fun with numbers.

  3. Have an adult draw some numbers on the upper side of the carton.

  4. Let’s add the bottoms on the other side.

  5. Let the fun begin!


  • Let’s go to the kitchen and find a recycled egg carton.

  • How many eggs do you think can fit in here? Really let’s count the holes. How many can you fit?

  • Let’s add the bottoms here and draw some numbers on the upper side.

  • Can we match the number to the bottoms? Super!

  • Hmm I noticed you had a hard time identifying this one. Let’s find other items and match again to the same number.

  • Are you ready for a challenge? Can you create patterns with the bottoms?