How many materials
can I use to build my name?

Obj. 1c,8b,11b,15b,16a, 19a,20a


  1. Go around your yard, park, neighborhood or beach and take a walk.

  2. Gather materials that look interesting in where you can write the ABC

  3. Separate the letters that form your child’s name.


  • Can we talk about letters today? Do you know that when you group them together they make words?

  • Can you help me identify the letters that are in your name?

  • Let’s gather other materials that can help us practice writing your name in many different ways.

  • What ideas come to your mind? Great! I like that.

  • Practice building it again and again.

  • How many letters form your name? Are any of them used more than once?

  • Can you think of any word that starts with the same beginning sound of your name?

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