Can I create a pasta story?

Obj. 11d, 12b,14a,15a,20a


  1. Gather uncooked pasta, paper, glue.

  2. Find a place where the child feels comfortable to create a story.

  3. Place paper and organize pasta.


  • What do you think we might need to create a story today using pasta?

  • How would you like to organize your materials? I noticed you put these two together. Can you tell me why? Interesting! How many pieces of pasta do you have here?

  • How does your story begin? What happened first? And then?

  • (Let them work for a while and finally ask.. Wow, what happened at the end?

  • I see you have a … what is a word that rhymes with…?

Language Strategy

Imaginative Play - Elaborate recreation of real-life or imaginary situation