Can you collaborate
on a floor book story?

Obj. 8b,10a,12b,14a,15a

TLLS: Exploratory Play


  1. Find a large comfortable area on the floor.

  2. Place a large piece of paper on the floor and tape it.

  3. Get markers and any other materials that can spark curiosity and may help to create a story.

  4. Let your child decide what the story might be about.

  5. Help draw some setting to facilitate and enrich the story.

  6. Let your imagination fly high!

Powerful InterACTions:

  • Let’s think of a wild story today! What would you like your story to be about?

  • I see… let’s start with the setting. Where is the story taking place at?

  • Let’s find materials that might help you add to your setting. How can you sort them? Great thinking.

  • How do you imagine your characters? Who is in the story?

  • What else do you want to add?

  • I see you have a house. What is one word that rhymes with house? Great thinking! Let’s find one more.

  • What do you want to do with the remaining materials? I wonder what happened at the end.

Language Strategy:

Exploratory Play: Let the child take the lead, then extend the play.