Can I make an animal
habitat and count?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 21a, 22a, M10

TLLS: Visual Connection


  1. Find a cool setting outside.

  2. Gather materials that can help build animal habitats.

  3. Get your animals ready.

  4. Enjoy the outdoors!


  • What animals do you have in hand?

  • How do you think you can sort them?

  • I’ve noticed you have grouped them.Can you count each collection? Which group has the most? How do you know?

  • Let's gather our blocks, rocks and wood trunks.

  • How do we start? Awesome!

  • I can see you’re adding different heights. Can you tell me why?

  • Let’s arrange the animals now. What else do you think they need?

  • What have you placed next to…, behind of…, on top of…, under..?

Language Strategy:

  • Visual connection: Wait for the child to look at you before you move to a different quantity.