Can I create a rainbow
using leaves?

Obj. 8a, 20a, 21a, 22a


  1. Find a small or medium container you can reuse.

  2. Decorate using your artistic self.

  3. Take a nature walk and turn on your eyes to be extra vigilant, take scissors.

  4. Pick one flower or leaf that catches your attention.

  5. Organize your bouquet.

  6. IN SECRET, visit a neighbor and leave your bouquet to brighten their day.


  • What type of container do you want to use as a vase?

  • How are you going to decorate it? What other materials do you need to decorate?

After the walk:

  • Let’s count the types of plants you picked. How many do you have? Use your magic finger.

  • Show me a pattern you can create in your bouquet?

  • What shapes do you observe in your bouquet?

  • Where do you want to leave the bouquet? How do we get there?

Language Strategy:

  • Verbal comprehension - Attribute terms