Can I use shapes to draw?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 21a, 21b, M8


  1. Find a comfortable place outside.

  2. Find simple shapes

  3. Get your drawing materials.

  4. Observe in nature.

  5. Get your artistic side ready!


  • Can we talk a little about shapes? Get a triangle, square, rectangle and circle and talk about each one’s attributes.

  • Let’s take a minute and observe outside where you can find one of them. Where do you see a circle?

  • Let's use our shapes and draw something. Which one can help you first? Wow I see you are drawing a sun! What else can you add?

  • Now that we are done can we make up a story about your drawing?

Language Strategy:

  • Visual connection: Wait for the child to look at you before you move to a different quantity.