Can I show my fingers?

Obj. 20a, 20b, 21a, M4


  1. Find a comfortable place outside.

  2. Get a dice.

  3. Get your fingers stretched and ready.

  4. Shout the quantity.

  5. Have fun, be creative and enjoy the outdoors.


  • Use a dice and count the dots without counting one by one.


  • Are you ready today to have fun in nature?

  • Can you roll the dice and match with your fingers the same amount?

  • Ready? Here we go… How many dots do you see?

  • Can you show me with your fingers?How do you know? Can you find another way to represent the same amount?

  • Can you find the same amount you just said and represented with anything you find in nature?

Language Strategy:

  • Visual connection: Wait for the child to look at you before you move to a different quantity.