Can I put my shoes on?

Obj. 8a, 20a, 37


  1. Sit down, with your back against a sturdy support.

  2. Slip the first shoe over your toes

  3. Place your index finger inside the heel of the shoe.

  4. Pull the shoe the rest of the way over the foot.

  5. Place your foot on the floor and push your foot down.

  6. Help your child perform the first steps as you narrate what you're doing, and have him/her perform the last one, backchaining.


  • How do you know what foot your first shoe goes in?

  • Why do you think we need a sturdy support for our back?

  • What is easy about putting your shoes on?

  • What is hard about putting your shoes on?

Language Strategy

  • Role of attention and listening in language learning (Shifting focus of attention)