¿Cómo puedo lanzar
y atrapar la pelota?

Obj. 8a, 8b, 11b


  1. Sit down.

  2. Hold your bottoms by the waistband, look for a label at the back.

  3. Lower bottoms and lift one leg into hole.

  4. Put the other leg into the second hole.

  5. Pull bottoms up to your knees.

  6. Stand up and pull bottoms up to your waist.

  7. Help your child perform the first steps and have him/her perform the last one, backchaining.


  • What is the first step for putting on your bottoms?

  • Let’s say: I can do it! I’ve got this!

  • Do you notice what opening your leg goes in? How do you know?

  • How many openings do you have altogether?

  • After you put one leg in, how many openings are left?

  • After you are done, look in the mirror. How do your bottoms look?

  • What can you tell yourself in the mirror?

Language Strategy

  • Role of attention and listening in language learning (Shifting focus of attention)